About LHP

Lighthouse Point is a project and a collection of regions that are social, educational and community focused. The platform that the grid is running on is called OpenSim that creates virtual worlds for communication and interaction between people not located in the same physical place or space through an avatar. There are two parts that make up Lighthouse Point:

  1. Lighthouse Point Grid - is a set of regions aimed at providing a social and community area on the hypergrid for LGBTQI+ individuals and groups.
  2. LHP Education - this is a set of regions that focus on professional and educational projects

Now that the major building and hosting of the grid are complete the following events are under development:

  1. A regular drop in
  2. Social nights
  3. LGBTQA+ specific regions
  4. LGBTQA+ awareness training and consultation
  5. Space for other organisations to be based on the grid
  6. Access to other health, social and psychological professionals and services
  7. LGBTQA+ focused health, social and psychological projects and initiatives (healthy lives, smoking cessation, sexual and mental health etc)

There are two ways of connecting with Lighthouse Point, with a local account or via the hypergrid:

  1. local grid access (not currently enabled) - this is for people accessing the services or program's on offer
  2. hypergrid access - we will have an outreach part of the grid where members from other groups can come to the hypergrid accessible regions on the grid but not the local account holder regions.