LHP Regions

The following regions currently make up the Lighthouse Point (LHP) grid. If you decide to visit the grid, which you are more than welcome too you will find a grid region teleporter (picture below). When you click it you will be presented with a menu on your screen. There are three sub menus for the region (1) LHP Regions (core LHP regions), (2) LHP Events (which are the event regions for Lighthouse Point) and finally (3) information (with a link to the grid website, an information notecard and still to work out the group join button). 


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:welcome

This is the default region for the grid, it is where local grid residents will land when they first rez and hypergrid visitors arrive on this region. There are lots of places on this region to meet up and chat with other residents and visitors. 


VW Basic Skills

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:VW Basic Skills 

A region designed to introduce some of the basic skills required in virtual worlds. Each activity will involve one skill and the final activity brings all the previous activities together. 

Sexuality and Gender 

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Gender and Sexuality 

This is a region I put together as part of my studies. The aim is to provide awareness, skills and knowledge for therapists working with LGBTQ+ clients.

The Bird Cage

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:The Bird Cage 

The Bird Cage night club is one of the main event regions on the grid, as you can see from the image it is still setup for the Cornflakes Week celebrations. More events plans on a monthly basis (starting March 2017) with DJ Rocky (aka Rocky Constantine).

Starforge Castle

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge castle

This is a fantasy themed LGBTQ+ role play region still heavily under development and story and characters still to be completed.

Starforge Lodge

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge Lodge 

This is a fantasy themed LGBTQ+ role play region still heavily under development and story and characters still to be completed.


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:guinevere

This is a Role Play (RP) region with a medieval theme.


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:buglebourg
HG @ grid.opensim.life:8002:buglebourg

This is an archive version of the Buglebourg region that is currently on the Opensim Life grid. 


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Dragopolis

This is the home of the resident drag queen and my alter ego Mzfelicia Honeycomb the region is a var and still heavily under construction.

Danko City

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Danko City

This is a wonderful region by Danko Whitfield and I have been slowly building it into an event region for the grid.


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Build

This is the grids main building region this is where regions are born

Pride Bar

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Pride Bar

This is a club space themed for showing our pride as LGBTQ+ community members and people. 


HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Residential 

This region is still under construction but the aim is for this region to be a place for guests and collaborators of the grid to make there home. You can also find a reading room where you will find the Visionz magazine and a few freebie clothes shops to get people started.

Rockridge Heights

HG @ grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Rockridge Heights 

This region is run by Rocky Constantine and ca be better described by him